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About Saimon Holidays

The growth in the economic development and with the media explosion, the well to do of Bangladesh are getting better exposure into what is available in the leisure travel arena in the world. With additional discretionary income, leisure travel is rapidly increasing. To tap that potential and to augment leisure travel efforts by different stake holders for both in-bound and out-bound leisure travel, Saimon Holidays a subsidiary of Saimon Group, has strengthen its commitment to leisure travel.

With that end in view, Saimon Holidays has now established a full service organization which is geared to providing leisure travel, be it on an individual basis or on a group basis.

We have the capability and the capacity of organizing incentive programs across the world, with special consultation in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal, USA, France, China, Colombo and etc (as per client requirement).

We are actively working with Turkish airlines to open up new windows of opportunity in Istanbul.

Once you entrust your holiday responsibility to saimon holidays you know that you are in safe hands. You let us know what you want and leave the rest to us happy holidays.